Scotland - National Cycle Network stats

Scotland - National Cycle Network stats

This site is based on OpenStreetMap data collected by volunteers. All the mapping data is available under Open Database Licence(ODbL). This demo site shows the potential of using OpenStreetMap data for cycle route information. It breaks down the of total distance of NCN per Scottish MSP constituency and what percentage of the NCN route within that area is cycleway as opposed to road. It also shows the approx number of OpenStreetMap contributors in the MSP area who have helped map NCN route directly. The is always the total amount of Mountain Bike (MTB) cycleway e.g. Glentress.

Ask some questions - click the columns to filter

- Which MSP area has the best total highway to cycleway ratio? filter the NCN Vs total highway column

- Which constituency has the highest % of NCN route which is cycleway (not road)? Cumbernauld and Kilsyth P Const

The constituency boundaries are derived from Ordnance Survey OpenData. NCN routes shown in red and cycleway shown in purple. This site is a demo, I have done my best to quickly sense check the data but no guarantee of 100% accuracy. This data includes proposed NCN routes. There are some issues with overlapping routes and oneway routes which may account for some discrepancies. Banffshire for some reason is not detecting NCN route - need to fix this. Also some areas don't have any contributors but do have cycle paths - I believe this is because some people have blank usernames or 'NA' which throws my script. The source code.

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